Rick Baldwin Painting

“All of us who exist in this universe are in a state of constant, conscious and unconscious creation. Every second of our lives is spent molding, bending and chipping away at the objects and beings surrounding us. Artists are those who create with purpose and intent. They chisel with feeling, sketch with ideas, capture with vision until they have, even if in a small way, consciously shaped a new universe into form.”

Rick Baldwin is a life-taught, multi-discipline, style-shifting artist with artwork incorporating elements of abstract, neo-expressionism, realism, pop art, outsider art and low brow. His background in theatre and as a political cartoonist playfully interjects storytelling and drama into his pieces, with an often cryptic (sometimes obvious) social statement or political message evident in the art. His more recent abstract works explore the movement, expression and tension between simple lines. How lines interact with each other and evoke emotion through scale and fluidity.

Rick’s 40 years as an airbrush artist has produced within him an appreciation for graffiti and street art and he frequently includes these influences into his creations. Often his portraiture will combine elements of both real and abstracts and his landscapes express the cartoony and fantastical.

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Rick currently lives with his wife in the Tucker/Stone Mountain/Clarkston triangle. As the owner and curator of the rek Gallery he has made it his mission to bring unique creative voices and artistic expression to the public. He currently explores, experiments and makes stuff in his studio. 

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